Created in 2016, Diversified Manufacturing Technologies provides professional services for you in a way that no one else does. We use a network of highly specialized companies and educated resources to:

  • Fulfill all orders and provide supplies when you need them.
  • Provide parts and materials that no one else can
  • Evolve and adapt to customer needs, wants, habits and requirements.
  • Accept jobs that no one else can do or will do
  • Develop personalized, family-like relationships with ALL of our customers.

With our unique ability to accept jobs of all sizes and ranges of difficulty, you never have to worry if you chose the right company for the job. Your project will be handled with expert advice, individualized attention and innovative solutions. We will provide you with a one of a kind manufacturing experience and strive to be your only manufacturing services provider.

Are you turning away work becuase you do not have the capacity or abilities to handle it?

Let us help, we can produce the parts/services that your customers rely upon while you streamline and adjust your company for the future. Let us be your emergency back-up supplier. Finally have piece of mind that all of your jobs will get done right and done on time. Take the time to train new personnel or become familiar with a new piece of machinery, your customers will never feel your growing pains. Today is your last day of turning down new or increased work.

The process at Diversified Manufacturing Technologies is simple to understand yet hard for companies to match.....we provide the most efficient and personalized manufacturing experience possible. We start by purchasing materials directly from the supplier/manufacturer, leveraging our volume for lower prices and reducing if not completely eliminating waste.

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