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Created in 2016, Diversified Manufacturing Technologies provides the most diverse range of services in the manufacturing industry. We simplify the manufacturing process which makes the process for your project a breeze. Your days of dealing with multiple companies and providers to get a single part made is now over. With our customer satisfaction guarantee, competitive pricing and our continuous improvement to serve you better, you will never need to look for another supplier.





Our customers are guaranteed the precision and tolerances they need to make their project a success. With the use of the industries most advanced equipment we are able to successfully manufacture parts that other companies are unable to produce.




We offer the most diverse range of Services, Materials and Solutions all at the most competitive prices in the Manufacturing Industry. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products with 100% customer satisfaction practices.


What We Offer

• Machining and Wire/EDM ServicesLess

• Machining and Wire/EDM Services

• Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)Less

• Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

• Finishing & Post ProcessingLess

• Finishing & Post Processing

• CAD File and Part DesignLess

• CAD File and Part Design

• PrototypingLess

• Prototyping

• Additive Consulting ServicesLess

• Additive Consulting Services


Your Project, Large or Small is our Top Priority. You will receive Exceptional Quality from an Industry Leader and we guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction.

We work with you on your terms, deliver by your deadline and can even adjust our hours to work on your schedule. This includes nights and weekends.

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