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Selecting The Correct Technology & Process

Whether your company requires parts made in metal or plastic or if the job is a short run or long-run production, selecting the correct technology will save you time, money and resources. We evaluate every step of your project and determine what equipment and personnel is best for your particular job.

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New Technologies & Machines

Learn about the latest and greatest technologies and manufacturing methods available. This includes 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing, along with composite materials and new method machines. We offer the newest and most advanced machines in the industry. We have capabilities of providing parts in various metals, plastics, carbon fiber, nylon, polyjet and wax. We use professional equipment and machines and they are operated by highly qualified engineers.

Example pictured: Additive Manufacturing-Metal (DMLS)

Re-Think The Way You Design Parts

Forget traditional manufacturing limitations and using wasteful subtractive design methodology. Our engineers can help take your ideas and drawings and make them into useable CAD files. By correctly utilizing the most up to date industry techniques, you can have results that produce little to no scrap. The time from prototype to production can be cut by 80%. And we can take projects from ideas and thoughts to production parts in a matter of weeks.

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We'll Beat Competitors' Lead Times & Prices